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We have highly skilled mobile app developers who over the years have acquired extensive know how and experience. We turn our customers’ app ideas into successful mobile applications very quickly to bring mobility and agility to their business.

Over the last decade use of mobile devices such as smartphones, tables have exploded. Almost everywhere, everyone is using mobile devices. Accessing information through mobile devices is a lot easier than before. As a result, almost all business processes can be transformed to mobile apps. This offers companies a great opportunity to transform their operations by taking a mobile first approach. Custom mobile applications can improve business process management, better customer relations and innovate new revenue channels.

Developing mobile apps can be a huge undertaking for any company. As we have strong team members for app development, any company can rely on our expertise to automate their processes. We offer a full life cycle of app development, including backend development, and guide our customers throughout the development process to turn their app idea into a success story.

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Android App Development

Android based devices have around 95% market share in Bangladesh. We thus focus on Android app development for better user experience in mobile apps. However, the Android ecosystem is complex as there are numerous manufacturers producing Android-based devices. The range and capabilities of these devices vary greatly. This makes it complicated to create and support Android apps. We understand the complexities involved in creating successful Android apps. Our engineers build nicely designed secure android apps for our clients. We developed three apps for

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User Experience and Design

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design are very important for any application. Here at HiLinkz, we take every step to build a nice UI and for excellent user experience. We prefer native apps, rather than cross platform apps, as the app is created specifically for Android devices and thus provides a much better and delightful experience. We follow Google recommended certain design guidelines so that it increases the chances of success in the App Store. We also strive for faster loading speed to make a great mobile UX experience for your customers.

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Mobile App Development Process

Our app development process starts from requirement analysis considering some aspects like application type, platform, features, additional hardware, link with any social media etc. Next we focus on lowering complexity without compromising any functionality. Our engineering team then determines the best architecture, tools, frameworks and makes effective plans for the development process. We keep a strong focus on security in every level of your app. Depending on the level of vulnerability, we recommend possible changes and solutions for our customers as well as apps.

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Mobile App Testing

We do user level and automated testing before deployment to make sure the apps work properly. Every functionality and aspect are checked thoroughly. We test apps by simulating some extreme conditions and monitor their performance, which helps in fine tuning the apps. We also perform security checks with a certain level of mock attack, so that security strengths can be visualized before any real attack arrives.

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