To dip into digital space for digital asset management

About DipSpace

Digital assets like documents, media files etc. can be stored, managed and shared by this software. DipSpace is a customized work built upon DSpace, an open source software for academic, non-profit & commercial organizations to build open digital repositories. At HiLinkz we have the necessary expertise to customize DSpace and implement it for organizational repositories.

DSpace was originally developed by MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard (HP) Labs as an open source project in 2002. It became a DuraSpace project in 2009. Today it is the most widely used repository software platform (open source or proprietary), with more than 2,000 installations worldwide. Mostly academic and research institutions use this software to manage and publish scholarly articles as an open access institutional repository. Also many other government, private and commercial institutions use this software to manage their digital assets.

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Figure 1: Visual explanation of DSpace

Top Reasons to use DSpace

Large number of users

More than 1000 organizations are using DSpace worldwide and there is a large number of developers for this software.

Completely Customizable

DSpace is customizable for authentication, look and feel of an institution’s website and any fields one likes to display for browsing.

All types of digital assets

Although DSpace can recognize and manage file formats such as PDF, Word, JPEG, MPEG, TIFF etc., files of any format can be managed.

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