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Severely infected with the COVID virus causes Pneumonia that associates higher pulse and breathing rates with a lower oxygen saturation level than optimum level. Pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) are two of the major health parameters along with a few more that doctors usually look for and measure to diagnose Pneumonia as well as Bronchitis. To monitor these COVID related vital health parameters we developed CoviSense, an IoT device based on Atmel Atmega 328P-PU and MAX30100 to monitor pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation of COVID patients. We analyzed and compared its performance with a commercially available reference device, Rossmax SB150 pulse oximeter and found that CoviSense was as good as Rossmax but the unit price of CoviSense was around 12 USD only.

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Figure 1: Functional principle of the sensor (datasheet, 2019)

A research paper on the performance analysis of CoviSense has been accepted for presentation in the 2021 IEEE International Conference on IoT, Electronics and Mechatronics (IEMTRONICS), which was held virtually in Toronto, Canada from 21-24 April 2021. The research contribution created quite a good resonance among the audience. Navid and Nuzhat Arifa presented the paper in that conference and won the best presenter title competing with the presenters from 7 other countries in the session.

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Figure 2: Application of CoviSense on children to measure pulse rate (BPM) and SpO2 (%)
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